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At Improcap we strive to create a company that is easy to work with while providing challenging and interesting opportunities to work on. We aim to keep the process simple and fast. 

Our focus is to develop a strong network of experts within IT. We work with you to understand your career goals and preferences and then seek to identify potential opportunities that match. Our goal is to help you meet your goals. 

Your advice and opinion are also critical to optimizing our model to be most efficient and effective for you.

Our aim is to build a trusted network of industry experts primarily from networking and referrals. 

Hopefully, our approach to matching people with opportunities appeals to you and, as you consider your next move, now or in the future, we can begin to talk.

Areas of Specialty: 

- Software Development

- Program/Product/Project Management

- Healthcare IT Implementation

- ERP Implementation

Want to send us a resume for a future opening or just have a question? 

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